Acts 1:8 Offering
“But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come on you
and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem,
in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”
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Acts 1:8 Mission Statement
“Sharing Jesus intentionally and strategically in our community, our region, America, and the world – as we pray, equip, challenge, and send.”

Pray: We recognize that His work is only accomplished through the Spirit’s leading and empowerment.

Equip: It is through personal and corporate worship, discipleship, education, and training that we become like Christ and understand His purpose in each of our lives, and the life of our church.

Challenge: Avenues will be provided to encourage each member to sacrificially give of themselves and their resources in order to reach out in their circles of influence and around the world.

Send: It is our desire that God calls people out of FBC Greenwood to serve Him around the world.

Who is You?

“You” refers to each and every believer! Isn’t it an amazing and humbling privilege to know that God has gifted each one of us for His purpose in our life? Not only that, but He has fit us together in the body of Christ to most effectively and powerfully accomplish His purpose. (Romans 12) Do you want to fulfill His purpose and experience His power?

1) Exercise your individual giftedness, and live a ‘missional’ life!
Resources: “Live Like a Missionary” by Dr. Jeff Iorg
Identify and live in your spiritual SHAPE

2) Stay connected with, and serving through, your local church!
Be consistent in worship, connect with a Life Group, and look for opportunities throughout this site to serve and pray!

3) Cooperate and partner with others who share the same beliefs, purposes, and directions. We are blessed, as Southern Baptists, to have this network in place! As a Southern Baptist Church, through our tithes, offerings, prayers, and partnerships, our effectiveness reaches from across the street to around the world.
How Southern Baptists Cooperate to Reach the World
Concord Baptist Association
Arkansas Baptist State Convention
Arkansas Baptist Collegiate Ministry
North American Mission Board (NAMB)
International Mission Board (IMB) (specifically for students)
Global Research through the site (provides stats and info)
Baptist Global Response (BGR – 100% giving avenue to Global Disaster Relief, and ongoing projects that personalize giving to Global Needs)
Lena serv
What is the Cooperative Program (CP)? And how does it help each one of us reach the world?

As Southern Baptist Churches, we join together with our prayers, efforts, and money through the CP. FBC Greenwood has made the prayerful decision to give 5% of our budget income to the CP. This money is sent to the Arkansas Baptist State Convention. They then disperse these gifts for missions, ministries, education, and church planting throughout Arkansas, and through the North American Mission Board and the International Mission Board. So, as you give, know that every dollar has a global, ACTS 1:8, impact!!!