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College Life Group

9:15am - Led by Jacob and Haley Ray, Jody Gaston, and Gary Stovall : Upstairs in the James Building

9:15am Life groups (couples)

Aaron Meeker, Jason Green

               G.Y.M (Young Married) 25-40 : Room R213

Dan Billingsly

               Couples with Young Children : Room R214

Travis & Sonya Wagner

                The Anchor (Young Couples) : Room R201

Greg Morris

                All ages : Room R204

9:15 am life groups (Men's)

Phil Jones

               All ages : Room R207

Dale Scantling

              Meno Class (all ages) : Jeremiah House

Granville Presson

               Prayer Warriors (60-70) : Room WC-1

9:15 am life groups (Mixed/Coed)

Jason Turner

               Ages 30-45 : Room R202

Drew Ellenwood

              EDGEWISE, All Ages : Room R203

Mitchell Hattabaugh

              Christian Cruzers, All Ages : Room J7

Mark Travis

               Ages 20's-30's : Room R215

Jim Cox

              Sandwich Class, All Ages : Choir Room

Terry & Jane Barnhill

             Celebrating Life, 30's-40's : Room R200

John Thomas

             All Ages : Room R101

Ken Hamilton

             Home on the Range, all ages : Multi Purpose Room

Larry Craig

             Truth Seekers, Ages 50-65: Room J8

Tommy Daffron

             Pairs/Spares, ages 60+ : Room B106

9:15 LIfe groups (ladies)

Carla Gregory

             Sisters by Heart, all ages : Room R205

Renae Hughart, Billie Lensing

             Sister Chic's, All Ages : Room R100

Amy Ivey

             Ages 22-45 : Room R209

Patti Smith 

             Ages 50-70 : Room J3

Helen Williams, Cindy Boyd

             Ages 60+ : Room J2

Clema Jean Nichols

             Lydia Class, Ages 60+ : Room B105

Betty Jones, Katy Graf

             Esther Class, Ages 60+ : Room B103

Jane Anderson 

             Friendship Class, ages60+ : Room WC-2

Wanda Builders 

             Ages 60+ : Conference Room (Office Building)