Welcome to our church campus!

We hope this directory will acquaint you with our buildings and their purposes. Our hope is that each of these buildings is used to disciple our members and serve our community. Our desire is to have facilities that honor our God and provide a place where we can gather to fulfill His purpose.
Along with this directory, you might find this campus map helpful.   Campus Map

Worship Center

This is a large worship auditorium used on Sunday mornings, special events, weddings, etc. It has a large foyer and Information Center. Restrooms are located on the north end with conference rooms on the west end, and choir room on the north end of the building. 
An entrance to the preschool building and access to the nursery can be seen in this view on the south end of the worship center.

Nursery/Preschool Building

This building is adjacent to the Worship Center. The nursery doors open up to a courtyard on the east end of the Worship Center. A check-in desk is located when entering the doors with rooms for children ages birth to 2 years old. A nursing station is also available.
The preschool area, for 3 and 4 year olds, connects to the nursery and the parking lot on the south end of the Worship Center.

Building A

This two-story building is on the east side of the Worship Center. The lower floor houses offices for staff. The upper floor is where the children’s worship and small groups meet. 

Building B

Adjacent to Building A, this building is also two-story. The lower floor has classrooms including an area for 2 and 3 year olds and houses our Learn & Play Preschool. The upper floor also has classrooms for small groups. 

James Building

This building is located on the north side of our campus, across the street to the north from the Worship Center. This two-story building has classrooms on the lower floor and a large gathering room on the second floor. This building is used for life groups and for the middle school students.


Recreational Outreach Center

The ROC is a multipurpose facility across the street from the James Building on the northeast end of our campus. This two-story building has offices, classrooms, a kitchen and a full basketball court.
This building is used for large group events, meals, and is available to our community for events. 
The MPR is a multipurpose room widely used at the ROC.

EDGE Building

Located on the far east end of our campus, this building is behind the Pizza Barn and the public library. Entry to its parking lot is on Main St. turning left at the town square.
One of our 10:45 am Sunday worship services takes place at this building. Our junior high and high school also meet here for small groups and Wednesday night worship.

Jeremiah House

This converted home, located on the north side of the James building, is a gathering place for a men’s small group on Sunday mornings. 

Mission House

The mission house is a full functioning two-bedroom home available to missionaries, visiting guests and speakers.