You were not created to do life on your own. You were created for a close relationship with God and with other believers. Life groups are designed to help you grow in both of these areas.

Life groups help you grow close to God by teaching you His Word. They help you build friendships with other believers by providing a time to laugh, learn, grow, and serve together. Life groups meet on Sunday mornings and are made up of men, women, and couples of all ages. Find the class you want to attend on the

Jeff Ivey

Teaching Pastor


Now more than ever, we need to stay connected to our brothers and sisters in Christ for encouragement, prayer, and biblical counsel. Even though we cannot meet in person on campus, the best way to stay connected is still through life groups.

Currently, our life group leaders are doing their best to stay connected with their group members and help them connect with one another. Last Sunday many groups met online through Facebook live and various forms of group video chats. They had Bible study, shared prayer requests, and prayed for one another. I heard lots of great reports from these online meetings. Groups who are unable to meet online, are staying in contact through calls and texts. I praise God for how He is working through our life groups!

If you are not part of a life group, now is a great time to join. Please contact me and l will help you get connected.

Jeff Ivey, Teaching/Discipleship Pastor

9:15 Adult Life Groups

Couple’s Life Groups

Jim & Ruthann Andrews
G.Y.M. (Young Married) 25-40 RM R213
Dan Billingsly, Aaron Gamble
Couples with Young Children RM R214
Travis & Sonya Wagner
The Anchor (Young Couples) RM R201
Greg Morris
All ages RM R204

Men’s Life Groups

Gary Stovall
College Men 19-25 RM J1
Phil Jones
All ages RM R207
Dale Scantling
Meno Class all ages  (Jeremiah House)
Granville Presson
Prayer Warriors 60-70
Clyde Holland
Ages 70+ WC1

Mixed/Coed Life Groups

Jason Turner, Gary Don Curry
Ages 30-45 RM (upstairs James Bldg)
Drew Ellenwood
EDGEWISE, all ages RM R203
Mitchell Hattabaugh, Jason Mitchell
Christian Cruzers, all ages RM J7
Mark Travis
Ages 20’s-30’s, RM R215
Tom McCone
Sandwich Class, all ages (choir room)
Terry & Jane Barnhill
Celebrating Life, 30’s-40’s RM R200
John Thomas
All ages Room R101
Ken Hamilton
Home on the Range, all ages RM MPR
Larry Craig
Truth Seekers, ages 50-65 RM J8
Tommy Daffron
Pairs/Spares, ages 60+

Ladies’ Life Groups

Jody Gaston
College Ladies, ages 19-25 RM J9
Carla Gregory
Sisters by Heart, all ages RM R205
Renae Hughart, Billie Lensing
Sister Chic’s, all ages RM R202
Amy Ivey
Ages 22-45 RM R209
Patti Smith
Ages 50-70 RM J3
Hellen Williams, Cindy Boyd
Ages 60+ RM J2
Clema Jean Nichols
Lydia Class, ages 60+ RM B105
Betty Jones, Katy Graf
Esther Class, ages 60+ RM B103
Jane Anderson
Friendship Class, ages 60+ RM WC2
Wanda Kindberg
Faith Builders, ages 60+ (Conf. Room)

10:45 Adult Life Groups


Couple’s Life Groups

John Ciesla
30’s MPR
Scott Hinch
35-50 RM R212
Larry Bilyeu
40+ RM R100
Danny Glover, Steve Brown
40+ RM R101


Men’s Life Groups

Curtis Beshears, Larry Corkern
Band of Brothers, all ages RM R201

Ladies’ Life Groups

Paula McCann
Tender Hearts Life Group, all ages RM 216

Wednesday Adult Life Group

6:30pm Mixed Life Group.
Kory Kinslow
Ages 20’s-30’s RM R101


Children Life Groups – 9:15
Grades K-4 Upstairs Bldg. A
Children’s Worship – 10:45
Upstairs Bldg. A
Middle School Life Group – 10:45
Grades 5-6 Upstairs James Bldg.
Students Life Groups – 9:15
Grades 7-12 EDGE Bldg.