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Matters of the Heart

         The Bible indicates that adversity can cause a heart to be broken, grieved, pierced, troubled, and wounded. Consequently, because of the misfortunes of life, many people struggle emotionally with issues that affect them daily. Some individuals battle feelings of abandonment; other folks feel humiliated; some grapple with interpersonal relationships whether it is between a single person and a friend, a couple engaged to be married who are struggling to emotionally connect, or a husband and wife who have emotionally disconnected. The heart locks, and it cannot love!

          This series on "Matters of the Heart" is based on Biblical concepts designed to become free from the pain. This enables the heart to unlock allowing it to give and to receive love that results in emotionally healthy relationships which are essential for the stability of the family, the church, and society. 

Dates: September 14th and 21st

Time: 6:30pm

Location: R.O.C-100

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