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First Baptist Church 1917

First Baptist Church, Greenwood, Arkansas

Our church was established soon after the Civil War, in 1867.  People began meeting in a one-room school house, then moved from there to the Masonic Hall after it was erected in 1870.  In 1881, a one-room box church building was built east of the business district.  When the Midland Valley Depot came to Greenwood in 1903 and settled on this property, the building was moved virtually intact to our present location.
Our first pastor was Reverend Land, who lived three miles north of town.  He preached once a month on Saturday and Sunday at 11:00 a.m., riding on horseback and bringing his Bible and the only hymn book of the church with him. There were no musical instruments. 
A new church was built in 1909. After years of steady growth, another church was built on the same site in 1954. Our current worship center was built in 1976.

First Baptist Church 1954

The pastors since its organization have been as follows:

Rev. Jim Williamson
Rev. John E. Tatum
Rev. Jim Brewer (Interim) 
Rev. O.M. Stallings
Rev. H.L. Waters
Rev. O.O. Davis
Rev. S.B. Barnett
Rev. Lee Craig
Rev. A.P. Eliff
Rev. J.B. Maxwell (Jan. 1937-Oct. 1941)
Rev. Vernon Yarbrough (Jan. 1942-Dec. 1945)
Rev. George Hink (Feb. 1946-Jan. 1951)
Rev. Roy Rollin (April 1951-April 1953)
Rev. Rev. James W. Benton (June 1953-Oct. 1955)
Rev. Herman Sandford (Dec. 1955-April 1959)
Rev. Ralph D. Dodd (Sept 1959-Sept. 1964)
Rev. Lonnie Lasater (Jan. 1965-June 1973)
Rev. Harold Taylor (1973-1974)
Rev. Jack Clack (Interim 1974-1975)
Rev. Milton James (1975-1998)
Rev. Ronnie Deal (1999-current)