First Student Life Groups

Our student ministry is blessed by many adults who have a passion to lead students groups to study and love God’s Word.
7th Grade Boys
leaders: Cully Wade and Josh Counce
7th Grade Girls
leaders: Hope Boyd and Amanda Wade
8th Grade Boys
leaders: Beau Ames and Hank Baker
8th Grade Girls
leaders: Becky Ames and Cassen Scantling
9th & 10 th Grade Boys
leaders: Ben Keisling and Sean Whetstone
9th Grade Girls
leaders: Julie Tatum and Stacy Burns
11th & 12th Grade Boys
leaders: Scott Hinsch and Don Bull
10th Grade Girls
leaders: Raydell Barbry and Trinka Kremers
11th Grade Girls
leaders: Gracen Gill and Amber Elmore
12th Grade Girls
leaders: Nancy Lee and Kaitlyn Summit