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Sunday Mornings

Location: Downstairs of Building B

9:15 - All of the children will begin in large group.  This time will be spent worshiping through music, and the teaching of a Bible story straight from God's word.

10:45 - 

Curriculum: "First Look Curriculum" - First Look preschool curriculum weaves music, small group discussions, video presentations, and creative activities together to reinforce one clear and simple point each week so kids can walk (or crawl) away and remember what matters most!

Wednesday Nights

Location: Downstairs of Building B at 6:30pm

On Wednesday nights, your children will learn about God's love for them by participating in crafts, worshiping through song, and the reading of books inspired by God's word.

We hope your children will join us for a fun night of Bible stories and worshiping our one true Savior! 


First Baptist Church of Greenwood is committed to maintaining a safe and secure environment for children and staff.  Procedures are established for screening staff of all children activities, and supervision standards are established for everyone working with our precious children.

Meet The Team


Katie Roper

First KIDS TOTS Director

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