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Mother’s Day Out is a program that allows children to grow and develop as Jesus did - in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man" Luke 2:52

We use curriculum that is developed around themes that provide opportunities for children to learn about God's world and how to live in it!


Mother's Day Out is Tuesday & Thursday, from 9:00am - 2:00pm

First Day of School for Fall semester : TBA

  • Two Day Plan: 6mo - PreK - $150/Month

  • One Day Plan: 6mo - 2 - $86/Month

  • Tuition due by the 15th of the month

  • Registration (non-refundable): $75

  • 2nd Semester Supply Fee (Due by February 1st): $40

  • 2nd Child Discount: 20% off

IF you have any questions, please email the director, Angie Sharp, or call our church office and we would be glad to assist you!

Mother's Day Out Team


Angie Peppers

Amie Kohler

Mother's Day Out Director

Mother's Day Out Assistant Director

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