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Birth to 2 Years old

"We have such a heart and passion for these little children.  It is an honor and privilege to spend time with them each week!!"

Paige Moore

Nursery Director

Our Nursery Layout

In the nursery, babies are placed in one of our four rooms based on milestones. 





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Early Walkers



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Partnering with you to teach your child about Jesus!

Spiritual development will take your child further than any athletic or academic ability...and it starts at a young age.  We encourage you to talk about God everyday to your little ones. 

  • The green grass that God made is pretty.

  • God made your eyes, and they are beautiful.

They will learn to see and know God in this simple way. 

Our mission: 

It is our desire to partner with parents to help raise responsible adults that love, obey, and serve God!

Our Nursery is a Safe Haven for Infants and Toddlers

As a caregiver, serving in the FBC Nursery is an opportunity to share God's love, and it is a privelage to spend time with God's miracles.  It is so much more than "babysitting," it is a place of joy. 

As a parent, you can feel confident that all caregivers do their best to provide excellent care for your child.  Our facility is clean, organized, and properly staffed.  We have implemented policies, procedures, and security measures to ensure that your child is safe at all times.  

As a child, you will enjoy our bright colored rooms with flowers and frogs! All kinds of awesome people will sign with you, talk to you, and pray with you. You might even meet some crazy haired puppets along the way!  God made you special, and we are going to all we can to show you just how special you are!

Meet The Team


Paige Moore

Nursery Director

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