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Tuesday Night at

Wednesday Morning
at 10:00Am

Wednesday Night at 6:30pm

Sunday Night at 5:30pm

"In the Footsteps of the Savior"

by Max Lucado
Led by Gina Scantling

• WC1 • 5:30pm

Begins Tuesday, January 6th

"When We Pray - A Study of Six Prayers in the Bible"
Led by Shirley Hunt

R.O.C. MPR • 10:00am

Begins Wednesday, January 3rd

"Faith and Faithfulness" by Sadie Robertson Huff
Led by Rae Deal and Cari Moose

R.O.C. MPR • 6:30pm

Begins Wednesday, January 3rd

"The Great Disappearance"

by David Jeremiah
Led by Cathy Pachlhofer

R206 • 6:30pm For Men & Women

Begins Wednesday, January 3rd

Science Confirms the Bible
Led by John Thomas

• R101 • 6:30pm  For Men & Women

Begins Wednesday, January 3rd

Nine Wars of the End Times
Led by Richard White

• R100 • 5:30pm  For Men & Women

Begins Sunday, January 7th

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