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Join us for a look into God's Word!

Monday Night at

Woman with Bible

Wednesday Night at 6:30pm

Wednesday Night at 6:30pm

WednesdayNight at 6:30pm
WednesdayMornings at 10:00am
Tuesday Evenings  at 5:30pm
Afternoonat 4:00pm

Revelation: An Illustrated Journey
Led by Richard White • R.O.C. MPR • 5:30pm Begins Sunday, February 26th

Led by Rae Deal and Cari Moose • R200 • 6:30pm Begins Wednesday, January 4th

The Rapture and the Tribulation
Led by Amanda Roland • R.O.C. MPR • 6:30pm Begins Wednesday, January 4th

Science Confirms the Bible
Led by John Thomas • R101 • 6:30pm Begins Wednesday, January 4th

Everything you Need by David Jeremiah
Led by Shirley Hunt • R.O.C. MPR • 10:00am Begins Wednesday, January 4th

From Beginning to Forever: A Study of the Grand Narrative of Scripture
Led by Gina Scantling • WC1• 5:30pm Begins Tuesday, January 10th

Mama Bear Apologetics
Led by Ashley Henson • R100 • 4:00pm-5:30pm Begins Sunday, January 8th

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